Quick backstory:
I am looking at building a custom mechanical keyboard (custom case and firmware) I was looking around and found a site that gave me keycodes for javascript and it shows there are 32 function keys (https://keycode.info/). On an Apple keyboard, it comes with 19 function keys (at least for the one a relative has). I know a typical keyboard only has 12.

The question:
Is there a specification for the number of function keys that a keyboard should be able to support, and where can I find it?

Since support may be different on different machines, what is the max number of function keys that are supported on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux?

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Many keyboards had F1 through F14, and some Macs through F16. The IBM 1397000 and others had F1 through F24. That said, I don't know of any keyboard with 32 function keys. Actually, function keys are defined through F35, on Unix X Window machines!

However, there are various ways to send keycodes for all the F-keys. For example, ISO/IEC 9995 specifies use of Shift for Level 2 keys and AltGr for Level 3. The VT100 terminal used a combination of Esc and Shift to send the keycodes. Some VT100 emulators used left and right shift keys for different F-key levels.


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