For no good reason, I use three different browsers on my laptop. Each has it's own built-in password manager, and if I have to update a password in one, I have to do it in the others.

I've read about some commercial password managers like Dashlane, KeePass, and Lastpass, but when I read their descriptions, there's something that's not clear to me.

I'd like a password manager to fill in the user name and password on each website (like the built-in ones do), but still retain only the current password regardless if I switch browsers.

Do they actually work this way?

(Bonus question: the built-in manager in Chrome manages the passwords for my Android phone too. Is that possible with the other managers?)


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Yes, they work that way (at least Keepass does). Also, At minimum Keepass is not commercial - its free and open source.

Note that in addition to Keepass you will need (mainly free) plugins to get communication working between your browser and Keepass, so there is a bit of fiddling around involved initially. (Also, for my plugin solution, Keepass/Kee provide its own system which works in addition to the internal password system in my browser)

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