I accidentally misconfigured my FRITZ! Box 3272: The web console in no longer accessible. There is no DHCP and it does not respond when using direct cable connection and manually assigned IP.

How can I reset it? There’s no button neither on the exterior nor inside of the device.

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How can I reset it?

Several possibilities:

If the FRITZ!Box user interface cannot be opened, this can have various causes. Work through the following steps in sequence until the error has been resolved.

Enter http://fritz.box in the web browser.


The FRITZ!Box has an “emergency IP address” ( at which it can always be reached. You can use this IP ad-dress as follows:

  1. Connect your computer to the “LAN 2” port of the FRITZ!Box using a LAN cable.

  2. If your computer is already connected with the FRITZ!Box over wireless LAN, clear the wireless connection.

  3. Make sure that the computer obtains its IP address automatically (see page 96).

  4. Clear all other connections between your FRITZ!Box and other network devices.

  5. In the web browser, enter the address

  6. When the FRITZ!Box user interface is displayed, enable the DHCP server of the FRITZ!Box:

    In the user interface, select “Home Network / Network / Network Settings”. Click the “IPv4 Addresses”button, enable the option “Enable DHCP server” and click “OK”


Loading Factory Settings

  1. In the FRITZ!Box user interface, select the “System / Re-set” menu.

  2. Select the “Factory Settings” tab.

  3. Click the “Load Factory Settings” button.

    The FRITZ!Box is reset to its factory settings. All settings made during operation will be overwritten.

Source: Fritzbox 3272 Manual (pdf)

  • Make sure to connect to LAN 2 port!
    – lrkwz
    Nov 30, 2020 at 10:20

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