Control + z is not working in visual studio code. I have opened the VS code keyboard shortcut detector, ctrl can get detected, z can get detected, z+ ctrl can get detected, ctrl+ z failed. It seems after I press ctrl, z will get blocked. However, for others key combinations, they are all good in VS code. I even tried to use on-screen keyboard to input ctrl-z to VS code, still not detecting.

However, I have tried ctrl-z in onenote, it is good.

What I have tried: I have tried changing language to reset keyboard, not working I have tried clean boot of win 10, not working I have tried creating a new windows user, it works! But, I don't want to use another account and migrate all my data and programs, besides, I don't want to lose my current account email.

  • Adding more information: VS code version is 1.51.1 .
    – Lyu Chang
    Dec 1, 2020 at 4:31

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I had the same issue. You can reset your Keybinds in Visual Studio.


1) go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard. Or by type "keybindings" in the Search.

2) Then on the right you can just reset" all of your keybinds (easy). Or assign them again(if you assinte different keybinds before).

  • By typing "undo" on the right in the first text box. then you see " Edit.Undo. Then just press Ctrl + c -> assign.

3) Restard your Visual Studio and be happy that your handicap is gon.

If it is not fixt, then try it agen.

Else i dont know.

If you have problems with other keys do the same by searching your keybind on internet "What is the name of control + c" = "Undo". Or just reset your ALL of your keybinds.


I had the issue as well. For me it was that I have a German keyboard layout (z and y changed position in comparison to English layout). While typing in the editor z and y were in the correct position but for whatever reason they were flipped again when hitting ctrl in advance. So I worked around it by changing the commands. Typing ctrl+z resulted in ctrl+y and vice versa.

Edit: You can change the keyboard shortcuts in Settings>Keyboard Shortcuts


Go to File > Preferences > Settings search Keyboard.

On application > Keyboard tab, you have a selector as you can see in this screenshot

Selector in Settings > application > keyboard

I switched the value of this selector from code(default) to keycode.

Now it works with my keyboard in French layout.

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