I have a server (Synology RS-820+ with DSM 6.2.3 OS and File Station application) in the cloud. SMB is active, no WINS specified, SMB min = SMB2, SMB max = SMB3. Few Windows 10 workstations share the ressources via net use X: //... command, except one, and only one.
This behaviour occurs regardless of the credits used. So I investigate the problematic workstation, a HP Pavillon Laptop 15, with Windows 10 Home version 10.0.19041.
I have checked fdPHost and FDResPub, SMB Protocol (EnableSMB2Protocol=true, EnableSMB1Protocol=false), Network Private, Firewall Disabled.

The command net use X:\\server-fdqn ... give me an error 53 (whereas tracert server-fdqn solves well the ip-address) ; for this, I found a way here : “53 Network path was not found” when trying to access \\fqdn, but \\IP works fine).
But the command net use X:\\ipadress ... give me always an error 1244 (The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not been authenticated).

I need to access the problematic workstation via TeamViewer, and the server in the cloud is not a well-known system, which adds to the difficulty.
I need help to further diagnose my problem. What should I check in the registry, or with PowerShell? Packet capture?

PS : I'd just find in <pbmatic-ws>\HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkStation\Linkage :
NetBT_Tcpip_..., LanmanWorkstation_NetBT_Tcpip_... and "NetBT"
in place of
Smb_Tcpip_..., LanmanWorkstation_Smb_Tcpip_... and "Smb" on a well working station.
Maybe an hint?


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Sorry, I had it all wrong.

I installed nmap on the windows station and discovered that the French ISP was blocking port 445! Unthinkable!

enter image description here

So I installed a VPN as a workaround.

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