How can I prevent Everything Search Engine (a Windows file and folder search utility by Void Tools) from indexing files without extensions? In other words, I want the index to include only (1) files with extensions, and (2) all folders.

I found much written about how to search for extension-less files and even how to exclude them from a search, but nothing on how to stop Everything Search from indexing them in the first place.

The search below can exclude extension-less files:


The negative of this doesn't work when trying to exclude files from the index (Tools > Options > Indexes > Exclude > Exclude Files):

!file:*.* (doesn't work)

!!!file:*.* (also doesn't work)

I can search for and return a list of files without extensions like this:


But oddly, the negative does -NOT- work to exclude files without extensions from a search (also doesn't work for Indexes > Exclude Files):

!ext: (doesn't work in a file search; doesn't work in the "Exclude Files" criteria)

For now, my workaround is to set the search defaults (Tools > Options > General > Home > Search) to custom and the criteria to !!file:*.*. Extension-less files are still in the index, but excluded by default from a search.

Does anyone know how to actually exclude extension-less files from the index? I'm using version

  • You may try from menu Tools > Options > Indexes > Exclude, under "Exclude files:", to enter *..
    – harrymc
    Dec 4, 2020 at 20:45
  • *. was an odd way of referring to extension-less files in certain older versions from Everything Search but was phased out a while ago. I just tried it anyway but it had no effect.
    – ChrisB
    Dec 4, 2020 at 22:23


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