I have a text file as follows:

/XXX/10000/XXX-15/10000 /XXX/10000/XXX-15/10000
/XXX/10000/XXX-17/10001 /XXX/10000/XXX-17/10001
/XXX/10000/XXX-18/10002 /XXX/10000/XXX-18/10002
/XXX/10000/XXX-272/10004 /XXX/10000/XXX-272/10004
/XXX/10000/XXX-322/10008 /XXX/10000/XXX-322/10008

I have task to get rid from files after the XXX-? folder so the output will be look like

 /XXX/10000/XXX-15 /XXX/10000/XXX-15
/XXX/10000/XXX-17 /XXX/10000/XXX-17
/XXX/10000/XXX-18 /XXX/10000/XXX-18
/XXX/10000/XXX-272 /XXX/10000/XXX-272
/XXX/10000/XXX-322 /XXX/10000/XXX-322

I try to find using the regex [^A-Z]/[^A-Z][0-9]*, but it returns the first digit before the /, like 5/10000, 7/10001, 8/10002 and so on, but I need to find and remove only /10000.

What am I doing wrong?

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  • Ctrl+H
  • Find what: XXX-\d+\K/\S+
  • Replace with: LEAV EMPTY
  • CHECK Wrap around
  • CHECK Regular expression
  • Replace all


XXX-        # literally XXX-
\d+         # 1 or more digits
\K          # forget all we have seen until this position
/           # a slash
\S+         # 1 or more non spaces

Screenshot (before):

enter image description here

Screenshot (after):

enter image description here

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