I'm playing with Wireshark and want to inspect some DNS packets so I flush my dns using ipconfig /flushdns and entering a url in my browser (Google Chrome). While I expect for a DNS packets and only get MDNS. What is that? How can I get the MDNS packets?

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    Could it be you have multiple interfaces (e.g. LAN, WiFi and LTE) and you are monitoring one while another is used for DNS? Nov 18, 2020 at 7:35

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mDNS stands for multicast DNS, which is used for finding resources in local networks when a local DNS server isn't available, or isn't aware of a certain service. This is mostly used for Zero-configuration networking, when things like for example a Raspberry Pi running Octopi, then after boot the Octopi instance answers queries for octopi.local.

Why you're seeing these types of queries is hard to say without the actual Wireshark capture. But if you want to inspect DNS traffic, just use nslookup in a command prompt, it'll generate "normal" DNS traffic.

Further reading regarding mDNS and Zero-configuration

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