Let's use facebook as an example. I can block facebook by modifying a hosts file thusly: facebook.com www.facebook.com 0-edge-chat.facebook.com 1-edge-chat.facebook.com 2-edge-chat.facebook.com 3-edge-chat.facebook.com 4-edge-chat.facebook.com 5-edge-chat.facebook.com 6-edge-chat.facebook.com 7-edge-chat.facebook.com 8-edge-chat.facebook.com 9-edge-chat.facebook.com

The problem is, this doesn't stop push notifications. How do I block those? How can I figure out what domain name they're coming from?

https://superuser.com/a/464126/172193 talks about how to block facebook but not specifically about how to block push notifications from a specific site.

(also, I'm aware that I could block push notifications for given sites via the browser but I'm still curious as to how to do it via the hosts file; should be possible, shouldn't it? it might also be useful if you want to block it at the router or switch level or some such idk)

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    Block notifications (to the extent you can) in the Notifications Window. You must do this when the Notification comes up. It is not a Hosts file issue at all. – John Dec 21 '20 at 14:10

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