I have the following snippet of a table:

Name | Date of Aquisition

Foo | 02/11/2019
Bar | 02/12/2019
Xyz | 13/11/2020

I have to create a line chart, with a line for each year that is present of the table, where the X-Axis are the months, and the Y-Axis are the count of rows for the given month/year combination. What should I do in this situation?

Thank you!


If you can edit the data, I would go with Text to Columns from the Data ribbon on the Date of Acquisition column with a delimiter of /

  • Next label the new columns - Day, Month, Year
  • Then I would go to the Insert Ribbon and select Insert PivotChart
  • This creates the Pivot Chart Fields to add to the report on the left of the spreadsheet.
  • Drag the Year to the Axis (categories box)
  • Drag the Month to the Values box and from the drop down change the value field setting from Sum to Count.
  • This creates a bar graph, then you can right click on the graph and select change chart type and choose the line graph that you are looking for.

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