I have an old office pc, and I want to update it with a somewhat old graphics card but that at least allows me to play some games, these are my PC specs: Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION 2AC2 CPU: i3 2120 RAM: 8GB PSU: 250W (I'll update this, i know the gtx 750 ti requires a 400w psu, my biggest concern is the motherboard) 1366x768 Monitor VGA SSD 700GB I ask because I tried to put another graphics card on this pc but it didn't work (when I turned on the pc it only showed me a BIOS screen and nothing happened), so, I hope you can help me, thanks in advance.

  • Do the intended grahics card and the monitor have compatible ports, e.g. do they both have VGA, or both have DVI, or both have HDMI? – Andrew Morton Jan 2 at 18:11
  • I believe the graphics card has VGA, and the monitor has it too – cron 32 Jan 2 at 20:26

The official answer is no. http://www.pc-specs.com/mobo/Pegatron_Corporation/Pegatron_2AC2/2965/Compatible_GPUs

However, the specs show 3 x PCIe x1 v2.0 and 1 x PCIe x16 v2.0 so you should be able to slot it. With a ti, you might lose some performance.

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