I bought a 10 meter HDMI cable of average quality to connect my laptop (HP probook 4530s - windows 10 pro) to my LG digital TV. But although Windows and TV detect the connection via cable, it seems both cannot use the signal.

Further investigation led to these:

  1. Connecting the same TV via the same cable to a satellite receiver: OK; (so cable is fine)
  2. Connecting the laptop to the TV via 1.5 meter HDMI cable: OK; (so there's no problem for laptop to send signal)

So what is the problem here? Is it the case that laptop outputs a weaker signal compared to say satellite receiver on HDMI port?

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    Yes, long cables can pose problems for some devices. The transceiver may not be able to handle the increased resistance, capacitance & inductance. I have a BluRay player that sometimes has intermittent disconnects when used with a long HDMI cable.
    – sawdust
    Jan 3 at 20:33
  • @sawdust Do you now any solution?
    – wiki
    Jan 3 at 20:35
  • Relocate and use a shorter cable, or find a "better" cable, or try a HDMI repeater/booster (preferably with its own power supply).
    – sawdust
    Jan 3 at 20:45

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