I am trying to sync my contacts and calendars between my local Outlook and Outlook Web. I have my local Outlook setup as a Pop3 Account. I am aware that this would be possible by changing the POP3 Account into an Exchange Account, but I do like to store my emails locally and so I don't want to go that route.

I have searched for hours and not found a solution. I do get the feeling that Windows is really wanting users to use everything in the cloud. (Same issue with Office 365, but that's a different story). Is there any way to go about this?


As I know, there seems no official method to achieve that, maybe you could try some third-party add-ins in Outlook to see if it could help. Calendar Tools for Outlook

Personally, I would more willing to use Exchange email account and Archive emails which I need to local disk.

  • How is everything going now? – Jeff Yang7 Jan 15 at 1:42

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