I recently ran in to a very embarrassing situation due to one of the audio track of a video in PowerPoint did not play even though the video was playing properly. The audio of all other videos played correctly but except for one video. It was playing without any problem during the last 10 rehearsal and even right after the mishap (Escape and ran it again). Laptop, audio cables and equipment's were working properly. Video file was linked to the power point and it was WMV. I had K lite Codec pack installed in the system. What could be the most plausible issue?

Is it a bug in office 2019? Is it a problem with the stereo audio track of the video? Is it a problem with the audio mixer where it did not pickup the right audio track from the video file.

  • It is VERY hard to pin down an issue that happens randomly, and us giving you the "most plausible" causes will not allow us to provide you the definite answer, and this site exists to find and confirm definite answers. I would advise you to check event viewer. Jan 5 at 4:57
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    I’m voting to close this question because OP notes they can only accept conjectures as to the likely cause, indicating they have no way to confirm what the original cause actually may have been or what solutions actually may have worked. Jan 5 at 4:58
  • I asked this to see whether anyone has encountered a similar problem earlier?. Jan 5 at 5:03
  • That's OK, but SuperUser isn't a forum, we're a Question and Answer site. So, specific questions that can have specific answers. If you are looking for open discussion and support, Microsoft's own support forums may be a better place. If you can replicate the issue now, clearly describe the symptoms, and are in a place where we can help diagnose and correctly resolve the issue, SuperUser is the correct place. Jan 5 at 5:07

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