I have the following batch file, which uses ADB to monitor device logs and searches for a string:

ECHO Starting log monitor...
START /B adb.exe logcat > log

(TYPE log | FIND "string to find") > NUL
IF "%errorlevel%" == "1" GOTO LOOP

ECHO String found!

The script starts the logcat command, which runs asynchronously and in the background, using START /B.

After the string is found, I would like to end the asynchronous logcat command, as it is no longer needed.

Is there any way of the main script telling the asynchronous script to end?

I know that I could technically use adb.exe kill-server or taskkill /F /IM adb.exe to end all ADB processes, but I need to only end the logcat command and continue running all other instances of ADB.

  • Use start with a title and then taskkill with a Windowtitle filter – DavidPostill Jan 5 at 17:56
  • @DavidPostill How do I get that to work? Running START "log_process" /B adb.exe logcat and then TASKKILL /FI "Windowtitle eq log_process" returns INFO: No tasks running with the specified criteria.. – Tikolu Jan 5 at 18:15
  • 1
    The windowtitle method works for me. adb may substitute your title by its own, so you need to use that instead. – harrymc Jan 5 at 20:32
@echo off

echo/ starting log monitor...
start /b adb.exe logcat >.\mylogcat.log

find "string to find" .\mylogcat.log >nul || (
   >nul timeout 15 /nobreak & goto loop ) 
echo/ string found!
wmic process where "name like '%%adb.exe%%' and commandline like '%%logcat%%'" delete

You can kill your process using the combination of the process name and part of the command line used to start it with wmic:

wmic process where "name like '%%adb.exe%%' and commandline like '%%logcat%%'" delete

You can use the operator || to keep your loop, and also add a timeout to that monitoring loop...

find "string to find" .\mylogcat.log >nul || (
   >nul timeout 15 /nobreak & goto loop ) 

In PowerShell using Get-WmiObject:

Get-WmiObject Win32_Process | % { if ($_.ProcessName -like '*adb.exe*' -and $_.CommandLine -like '*mylogcat.log*') {kill $_.ProcessId}}

Using Get-CimInstance Win32_Process:

Get-CimInstance Win32_Process -Filter "name='adb.exe'" | % { if ($_.CommandLine -like '*mylogcat.log*') {kill $_.ProcessId}}

# Or.... 
Get-CimInstance Win32_Process -Filter "name='adb.exe'" | 
% { if ($_.CommandLine -like '*mylogcat.log*') {kill $_.ProcessId}}

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