I have hundreds of folder, they are organized by client group. like amazon, TruckerA, ect, ect

I know exactly what I name it but scrolling to 300 folders can be daunting and they cannot alphabetically sorted.

I tried my best to sort it. but it has its flaws. is there a way I can search by typing the folder name and it will go to it?

thank you

Apologize for the grammatical error and run on sentence.

  • If you know the folder name (I think that is what you said), you can use Advanced Search options to search in a specific folder. I have found over (long) time that searching for what I want (content) finds it wherever it is located. That is another way to organize things. I too have many folders. – John Jan 7 at 20:46
  • yea, it's mostly for working with few supervisor, I hate scrolling up and down while someone has eyes over my shoulder, I wish I can type the folder name and it just get the folder – user2635566 Jan 7 at 20:52
  • I looked in Advanced Search and in native Outlook, you must browse, but as soon as in that dialogue, you can type the first letter or 2 and browse goes right to that folder. I have some Z... folders and I can go right there. So the Search options are very powerful in how they can be used. – John Jan 7 at 20:57

Of course you can, please check the steps below:

  1. Create a custom Search Folder and specify criteria like below:

enter image description hereenter image description here

  1. Click Field > All Mail Fields > In Folder and select is(exactly) as conditions like below. Then we could type the folder name we need in the "Value" box

enter image description here

  1. After those settings, you will get a search folder in your folder list. You can directly search in this folder with Outlook search feature.

enter image description here

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