I'm trying to fix a 'broken' Windows (system) partition. I connected the drive to an external usb docker and can see the drive in the "This PC" window. But the space availability bar is not visible instead I only see the partition letter (i:), label (System) and format (NTFS). When I right click on "This PC" and select manage then go to storage > disk management; I see the partition and format as well as the text "primary partition". But the partition is not accessible from the Windows Explorer. I get the message "I: cannot be accessed".

The interesting part is that when I use MiniTool Partition wizard and explore the partition from there ; I can see all the files inside the partition.

How can I fix this partition so that I can at least copy the file and format the drive.

[EDIT] From Minitool Partition Wizard I can't do anything but see/explore the files. (I can't copy, move, delete files)

  • Screenshots would be helpful. Instead of submitting commentary you should edit your question.
    – Ramhound
    Jan 11 at 18:19

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