On a specific day, I installed lots of packages - that I didn't keep a good track of - on my Debian machine. Now I need to remove all this mess, because what I was trying to install simply didn't work at the end.

So I used this modified command

grep "2015-12-19.*.install " /var/log/dpkg.log | awk '{ print $4 }' | cut -d: -f1 | sudo apt autoremove -y

I got from this similar Ubuntu question. However, it doesn't seem to be removing all of the packages.

Is the used command above correct? Or which other command should I use?


The answer on AskUbuntu is fine, but in your case you need to use xargs and remove instead of autoremove:

grep "2015-12-19.*.install " /var/log/dpkg.log | \
awk '{ print $4 }' | cut -d: -f1 | xargs sudo apt remove -y
  • Thanks man. I'll try that and let you know. – AhmedWas Jan 14 at 10:27

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