I have a SKY wireless router, this has 4 LAN ports I have a basic netgear gigabit unmanaged network swtich I have a home with CAT5 cabling

I have a number of 'smart' TVs, a SONOS system consisting of 3 x SONOS AMPs and a Synology NAS.

Ideally, I want to connect as many devices as possible via LAN, for obvious reasons.

There's aren't enough ports on the wireless router, hence the switch. But, when I connect devices via the swtich (i.e. device -> switch -> router) then whilst they can access the internet, they become undiscoverable to wifi devices.

E.g. smart TV connected via LAN means I can't Chrome Cast to it (it's running Android), but if the TV is connected via wifi then I can connect it fine.

Also ... If I remove the switch from the connection route (i.e. device -> one of the 4 LAN ports on the router) then they become visible - this is the only way I can operate my SONOS & NAS from my iPhone.

I've checked the wireless router and it doesn't have 'wireless isolation' selected.

Why is this happening? How can I connect my devices via the additional network switch and them still be visible over the wifi?

Thanks in advance! :-)

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