As the title says - I have a table which calculates the average of some buys and the number of units bought.

647 represents the sum of those entries, without adding the positions sold. But if I sell something, I need to subtract the qty from the sum, not adding it is not enough.

How can I subtract the ones with sell?

The current formula for that cell is

=SUMIF(O3:O13, "BUY", K3:K13)

but as I said, I need to subtract what was sold.

How should I edit my formula accordingly?


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now just subtract another SUMIF:

=SUMIF(O3:O13, "BUY", K3:K13)-SUMIF(O3:O13, "SELL", K3:K13)
  • I have no idea how I didn't think about this. It was such an obvious answer lol. Thanks, I will accept your answer asap :) Jan 14, 2021 at 21:01

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