So I created a veracrypt file hosted volume/container and had a hidden volume inside to try it out(totalling 1GB). After a day or two, I permanently deleted the container file (after dismounting it) but i lost the equivalent amount of space from C drive. Is there way to recover this and how to prevent this in a future use of veracrypt volumes?

  • This shouldn't happen. – davidgo Jan 16 at 9:22
  • @davidgo could it be because i did not decrypt it before deleting it.?. I did the same in D drive with a 500mb Veracrypt volume(but this had no hidden volume) and permanently deleted it and found that there was no loss of disk space like the probelm mentioned here. – Camlo Jan 16 at 9:32
  • Sorry. I didn't mean to post that comment (and don't know why it showed up). Please ignore it. I realised that its likely you created a disk partition for veracrypt rather then a file partition - and that could be the root of your problem. I also realise I've never used Veracrypt and only used truecrypt (its predecessor) under Linux. – davidgo Jan 16 at 9:36


You need to 1)open the folder in VC 2)move or delete the contents 3 Then, and only then, delete the dismounted Folder or File. I did this just yesterday. It worked fine. No loss of drive space. Hint: never reconfigure VC when you are in a hurry. Plan it all out and troubleshoot before you change anything in VC. Try it out by creating a small dummy crypt, then populate it with generic files. Close and re-mount the crypt. Now, delete the contents (remember generic files only). Now delete the folder from your menu panel. Finally, check your drive capacity. It should show the "plus-up" in size. Always test small, so you fail small and recoverable. Do your last step in any task or job first and you will be rewarded. Good luck. Mark Truecrypt user x ~5 yrs. Veracrypt user x~4-5 yrs).

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    not sure why you are addressing this to me. I don't have a problem with Veracrypt, and I am expert at handling block and file devices and understanding how this all fits together. I posit that the OP has not used a folder, rather they have partitioned their disk - if they have indeed done this, then they would need to use block level tools to delete the Veracrypt partition and expand the data partition to recover this space. (David Go - Truecrypt user occassionally way-back when - but for a long time now using LUKS on LVM on RAID on Linux instead!) – davidgo Jan 17 at 6:48

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