My ISP assigns IPv6 prefixes using DHCPv6. I know Android only supports SLAAC. Is there any way I can configure my router to provide Android devices with IPv6 Internet connectivity?


Your router should already provide slaac. Your Android phone build its own addresses.

  • That does’t appear to be the case at the moment. How can I make a GNU/Linux computer precisely mimic Android’s behavior, so as to debug the router’s ability to provide SLAAC using its DHCPv6’ed address? – mmirate Jan 17 at 13:36
  • A router receives the prefix(WAN). Under normal circumstances the router uses the information to start its own router advertisement (radvd) on the LAN. Depending on the configuration the router starts also a dhcpv6 server on LAN. Under Linux you can use for Networkmanager (with disabled dhcpv6) to emulate Android behavior. Use wireshark for all details. – Thomas Schäfer Jan 17 at 19:10

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