By default, the Windows printscreen snip tool is bound to the incredibly inconvenient Win+Shift+S key combination. However, the Shift+PrtScn key combination is still completely free since its functionality for some bizarre reason is bound to the exact same as the regular printscreen button. Apparently the shift-key is a joke to Windows or something.

My question therefore is, is there any possibility to re-bind this Windows snip tool to a sensible key combination like Shift+PrtScn? I wouldn't mind if I had to install an extra tool (although if not needed I'd prefer not to). I have also tried tools like gyazo but I don't like that that can't re-bind itself to Shift+PrtScn, and I don't like that it automatically uploads my screenshots to the internet instead of simply copying it to my clipboard.


Use AutoHotKey to do this with the following code:

+PrintScreen::Send #+s


  • + means Shift and # means Win
  • +PrintScreen:: looks for you pressing Shift and PrtScr
  • Send #+s sends the keypresses Win, Shift and S

It looks like you can also do this using the Keyboard Manager PowerToy from Microsoft, although I've not tried this.

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