Is there any FREE software that I can use to convert a MP4, AVI or MOV file to a collection of images that are GIF, JPG or PNG?

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Avidemux can save a selection as a sequence of JPEGs.


You can do that with mplayer esp if you prefer a command line tool. Check out the -vo option (e.g. -vo png, -vo jpeg, etc). Use option -ss 01:10:00 to seek to the starting position in the video and -endpos xx to save xx seconds of video.

For example:

mplayer -vo png -ss 00:00:07 -endpos 3 '/home/mlissner/Pictures/2010, California Coast/110_0396.MOV'

VirtualDub can save image sequences as BMP, TARGA or JPEG. To export a video segment as a sequence of numbered images on disk in VirtualDub, use File > Save Image Sequence.

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    VirtualDub cannot open MP4 files. – Καrτhικ Dec 14 '11 at 20:35

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