I have upgraded from Ubuntu Karma to Lucid, and it seems I have replaced one problem with another.

With Karma, the screen occasionally froze unexpectedly, forcing a REISUB. I am using a DELL monitor with an NVIDEA twin monitor card (working with one monitor).

Since I upgraded, these screen freezes appear to have disappeared (I don't know for sure yet - since I only upgraded 2 days ago). However, one annoying occurence is that when I leave the machine idle for a period of time and it goes to sleep. I am unable to wake it up - as teh keyboard/mouse is unresponsive (well until/unless I do a REISUB). All I get is a black screen which pulsates between pitch black and "grey" every 2 seconds or so.

I noticed though that if I catch the machine BEFORE it falls asleep - i.e. just as the monitor starts to dim, I can avert this farce. Also, when I put the machine into hibernate. It enters this same trance-like state, where the only way to wake it up is to do a REISUB.

Does anyone know how I may resolve this, as it really is getting quite tiresome.

  • Try doing a clean install (especially since you are using proprietary drivers). And, BTW, it's Karmic, not Karma, and NVIDIA, not NVIDEA. – Zifre Jul 10 '10 at 15:58

There was a big switch in from Karmic to Lucid where they chose to replace the closed source nVidia drivers with the nouveau open clone. From back in Lucid beta, the nouveau code seemed to have issues, especially on laptops. Thus many people choose to use the nVidia drivers instead.

I expect that nouveau will be a Good Thing once it has been beaten on sufficiently.

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