So this one haunts me for quite some time now, and I hope someone might be able to shed some light on the problem.

My computer is connected to a IPv6 managed network. After a reboot it'll get an IPv6 address assigned from one of the management machines and it'll use it. After some time the event log will state it received router advertisements telling that the network is not managed anymore. This will lead to the IPv6 address expiring and the IPv6 connectivitiy to be disabled (or broken).

Now the spooky parts. Neither our network administration (who started sniffing all packets sent to my computer) not a locally running wire shark will be able to see the router advertisement flags being sent over network. There's nothing which is correlating by timestamp or by watching and waiting. It'll just see it in event log, but neither sniffing method will be able to see the packets being sent to the computer.

Now if I use netsh interface ipv6 reset I'll regain (after a reboot) connectivity for some time and everything will work fine until it won't.

Has anyone ever seen this behavior and any idea what might cause such a problem?

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