I am compiling a few ports on FreeBSD, however during the compiling process I am often greeted with options for the dependencies of the port. This causes the compiling process to pause until I select (or in 9/10 cases, just leave the defaults) "OK". This is inconvenient because the compiling process is often long, I would like to walk away from the computer and not worry about having to select options.

I am wondering if there is an argument or compiler flag I can use to automatically use all defaults for dependencies of the port that I am compiling.

I tried to research this, but most likely I was not using the correct terminology in my queries. Thanks very much!

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You can run make config-recursive before make in the port. This run the interactive config for all dependencies of the port.


You might want to use a ports management tool such as portmaster (available from /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster) to install ports: it displays all the configuration screens at the start, and then helpfully collects all the messages (pkg-message) that ports want to display and shows them at the end so you don't miss them in the build output.

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