I want to archive all the videos in a YouTube channel, but I want to save some at a lower quality and others at a higher quality based on their title.

According to the docs, it seems like --match-title should do the trick, but I'm running into a snag: it seems to also be used to match playlist titles, which can stop the traversal of the channel before any video titles are checked. For instance:

$ youtube-dl --version
$ youtube-dl --match-title Oscilloscope --simulate https://www.youtube.com/c/EevblogDave
[youtube:tab] EevblogDave: Downloading webpage
[download] Downloading playlist: EEVblog - Home
[youtube:tab] playlist EEVblog - Home: Downloading 5 videos
[download] Downloading video 1 of 5
[download] "Uploads" title did not match pattern "Oscilloscope"
[download] Downloading video 2 of 5
[download] "Popular uploads" title did not match pattern "Oscilloscope"
[download] Downloading video 3 of 5
[download] "Multimeter Reviews" title did not match pattern "Oscilloscope"
[download] Downloading video 4 of 5
[download] "Electronics Tutorials" title did not match pattern "Oscilloscope"
[download] Downloading video 5 of 5
[download] "Created playlists" title did not match pattern "Oscilloscope"
[download] Finished downloading playlist: EEVblog - Home

I think the --match-title Oscilloscope should have matched EEVblog #1368​ - Active Oscilloscope Probes COMPARED (Part 2), but it didn't, because none of the channel playlists have "Oscilloscope" in their titles.

EEVBlog channel page with video that should have matched highlighted

How can I do accept matching over all the videos on a channel without running into this problem?


Just add /videos to the end of your url.

  • Can you include an example? – gronostaj Feb 23 at 12:10

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