I am testing desktop.ini on network folders and have a problem.

Shared from a windows server, when creating a local folder with icon and copying it to the network location, the icon is saved, if I copy or rename it again, the icon is saved. But if I create a new folder and copy the desktop.ini from the old one, the icon does not appear. The folders have the same permissions and the same attributes.

From linux with samba, when copying from local to network, the icon is saved but when copying or renaming it is lost and it does not work if I copy the desktop.ini

I don't understand why when copying desktop.ini to a network folder created by me it doesn't work

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    Does this answer your question? How can I make desktop.ini work on network locations? – harrymc Feb 3 at 13:47
  • I had already seen it but its solution does not work, you can try it on windows, create a folder and create your desktop.ini and try what it says but it does not work. There is something hidden in the permissions or something else that makes it not work. – robert Feb 3 at 14:01
  • You should perhaps read again all the answers in that post. – harrymc Feb 3 at 16:05
  • We don't expect necessarily that the accepted answer on the marked duplicate answers your question so much that at least one of the answers does, indicating the problem is the same. – music2myear Feb 8 at 5:10

is the read-only file attribute

check folder with:

attrib folderName

if they don't have R set +r:

attrib +r forlderName

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