I want to install a modem in my house instead of the ISP router that does everything horribly, but I can't identify which connector this is.


Connector sideways

enter image description here


Your images are of poor quality and lacking anything that could be used for comparing the scale of the connector. It would be much easier for you to perform a Google image search for fiber connector types and compare the images with what you have.

It sure looks like a SC/APC connector (IEC 61754-4, Subscriber Connector, Standard Connector), where the green color indicates Angled Physical Contact.

SC connector

  • Note that the green color indicates an APC type (angled physical contact) which cannot be mixed with PC/SPC/UPC.
    – Zac67
    Feb 8 at 5:51
  • Thanks, @Zac67; I've added this to the answer. Feb 8 at 8:15

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