I tried to install the backdoor-apk on Kali Nethunter and I received the following error:

[*] Running backdoor-apk.sh v0.2.4a on Mon Feb 15 05:23:28 UTC 2021
[!] Check your environment and configuration. Couldn't find: baksmali

I have already researched in several places and I have not found any solution, there is this post on Github but I couldn't find a solution:


Can someone give me a step by step?

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the solution was much simpler than I thought, I needed to install apktool so I went and ran the following command:

sudo apt install smali apktool

I didn't have the jarsigner installed so I researched the latest version of headless jdk I used the following command:

apt search jdk

And then I found this:

openjdk-17-jdk-headless // Latest version

And then I installed it with the following command:

apt-get install openjdk-17-jdk-headless

And anyway, I managed to run the normal script :)

Guys, it seems simple but I didn't find much article about this problem in English, but I solved it thanks to this site in Chinese:


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