• Windows 10 PC in domain "INTERNAL", but not properly added to Active Directory (AD)
  • ADMIN user "INTERNAL\Ken", properly added to AD
  • folder "C:\users\ken"

ERROR: "there is no trust relationship ..."


  • add PC to Active Directory using wizard
  • "add new domain user" -> unchecked
  • enter all required network credentials
  • restart PC


  • Windows welcome screen for new created user "Ken"(???)
  • login "INTERNAL\Ken" = same as old login (???)
  • new user "Ken" has no admin rights
  • extra folder "C:\users\ken.internal"
  • access denied to old folder c:\users\ken
  • impossible to login to old user "Ken" (= admin user !!!)

How can I get to the old user profile?

I have this screenshot

user profiles

on which you will notice the current user profiles:

-(1) HP8300-W10-KEN\Administrator: local admin profile

-(2) HP8300-W10-KEN\HP8300-WIN10-KEN-NV: domain admin profile

-(3) INTERNAL\ken: profile that was created when the PC was added to the domain

-(4) unknown account ("onbekend account"): old domain user profile (used to be INTERNAL\ken)

So I would like to get rid of the new "INTERNAL\ken", and then re-assign the unknown profile to "INTERNAL\ken"

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First: Clean up old profiles.

On the Domain (Domain Admin), delete unneeded Users (Active Directory).

Log on to the problem computer with the Domain Admin. You may wish to make a local Admin. That is up to you.

Open Advanced System Settings.

Delete all old profiles and any profiles that are duplicates or that you do not want.

Then (Second): At the end there should be only a small number of good, working profiles and all should be well. You can create a Domain User (AD) at this point which will create a good local profile. Users are on the server, profiles are on the computer.

If you have a profile with no user attached to it, you would need to copy it to a neutral local location (not USERS) , and then take ownership of the files you need.

enter image description here

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