I am running Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco). I use ctrl+alt+t to launch a terminal window. From that window, I would like to launch a separate window that runs a command, say ls. My thoughts are that I would type gnome-terminal -- ls and it would work, but it a new window is not launched.

That said, if I simply type in gnome-terminal and hit enter, a new window launches (but without running the command I would like to be run in a separate window.

The overall requirements are very strict, because what I what I am doing. (I am actually trying to launch this window via an ssh connection, running as root, in a root Desktop session)

  • I don't really understand the question. If I type gnorme-terminal in a terminal session, a new terminal window opens. So I am not clear.
    – John
    Feb 17, 2021 at 22:22

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I'm assuming that you want the new gnome terminal to stay open indefinitely. If so, you can try something like:

gnome-terminal -- bash -c 'ls; exec bash'

The exec bash after the ls command ensures that the new terminal stays open, otherwise you can use the sleep command instead to have it close after a certain ammount of time:

gnome-terminal -- bash -c 'ls; sleep 30'

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