What actually happens when I close the laptop (lower the screen)?

I know that if it's just on the desktop normally, it will go to sleep. But what if it's already shutting down?

I guess it will ignore the sleep signal and continue shutting down normally, but is there any chance that when I open it again it will resume the shutdown sequence that had been paused when I closed the laptop earlier?

Or is it 100% safe to close the laptop screen after it starts to shut down?

  • I personally have my Windows laptop set to do nothing when the lid is closed. I have never had an issue starting a shutdown sequence and closing the lid during it. However, this may not always be the case with default lid closure settings (usually puts laptop to sleep). – JG7 Feb 18 at 3:29
  • I have melted the feet off a laptop by pressing shutdown, closing the lid and putting it in my bag. needless to say it didn't shutdown, and generated quite a bit of heat it that enclosed space. – Frank Thomas Feb 18 at 4:39

It is normally safe, but not 100% safe. I have seen a shutdown fail. Rarely to be sure, but I wait until the machine is truly off before closing the lid.

Any recent machine I have seen will shut down quite quickly - usually well under 2 minutes.

It is not worth having an issue the next morning.

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