I want to open a new tab to the current tab group I'm in. the hectic way is to right click the tab inside the tab group -> add tab to the right

Is there any chrome shortcut available to shorten the clicks?


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Thanks to @Vitaly Strikanov, I got to know that shortcut of New Tab to the Right can be set from system preferences.

Native Solution for Mac Users:

Follow these steps to set the keyboard shortcut for New Tab to the Right menu option.

  • Open System Preferences (not chrome settings but Operating system's preferences)

  • Select Keyboard -> select Shortcuts tab

  • Select App Shortcuts from left panel

  • Click on + icon to add new shortcut

  • From the Application list, select Google Chrome and in the Menu Title write this exactly same text New Tab to the Right

  • Now in the Keyboard shortcut field, enter whichever shortcut you want to set, and press Add


Old Answer

So, I found one of the possible solution is to use the extension to accomplish this task.


New tab in group keyboard shortcut

This extension can read your browsing history

This extension provides exactly what I needed. the extension sets the shortcut to open the new tab in same tab group.

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    I swear this use to be a native browser setting (i.e. didn't require an extension).
    – josh1978
    Dec 21, 2021 at 21:20
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    If you want to replace the behaviour of ⌘T, then you must also set a tab shortcut in system preferences for New Tab
    – SpinUp
    Apr 7 at 17:22

"New tab" extension is malware. If you are using chrome on macbook you can change the shortcut in keyboard settings and set "⌘T" for "New Tab to the Right" and also set "⌘⌃⌥T", for example, to "New Tab". And it will work better.

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  • @Vitaly Strikanov thanks for drawing my attention. I've updated my answer with detailed steps how to set shortcut of 'New Tab to the Right' option. Apr 1 at 15:08

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