I am trying to underline the space after a heading in Microsoft Word. I have managed to fake it by using some _ underscore characters like so.

Underline example

However, I would like the line to appear higher so it is in line with the baseline of the text instead of just below it. If I use a border, I can see that it's possible to adjust the underline position but the border then gets applied to the whole line instead of the space after the text.

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    Assuming you are building a document for someone to complete ... Putting an underline along any open space in a paragraph will only work if you are printing the document and someone then fills it in with a pencil or pen. If they are to complete the form by typing, then you should use a text box content control or a table cell. Feb 22, 2021 at 18:11

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Use the TAB character. Then you can use the normal underline in Word on your tabulators. You can control the length of the underline by placing a tab stop.

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