I click on the Norton installation file and no “Windows user account control” pops up, instead a Norton installation windows starts and displays that product is downloading. After a while “windows user account control” pops up asking to install files I did not download. I press “no” and installation obviously gets aborted. I do not want to execute files I did not download directly. Is there an offline installer available? Norton website offers no offline installer file. Thanks

  • If you find an offline installer, the first thing it's going to want to do is update itself, then update its definitions twice a day. At some point you're going to have to let it do its job. – Tetsujin Feb 23 at 8:15
  • It is not about updating itself it is about granting administrator rights to the temporary files I did not download. – AlexanderBurr Feb 23 at 8:26
  • I'm really not sure what your issue is. You launched Norton's installer, let it install. – Tetsujin Feb 23 at 8:29
  • Why do you think downloading something explicitly is safer than letting a program do its job automatically? You either trust the vendor or not. If you don't, why would downloading an offline installer be any safer? – gronostaj Feb 23 at 9:02
  • Good question. Maybe I just feel more safety if I grant administrator rights to an exe file I download directly rather then letting this exe download temporary files which prompt a “user account control” windows asking for “yes” – AlexanderBurr Feb 23 at 9:40

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