I have lots of jpegs which are single daily comic panels such as this:

Comic Panel:

Comic Panel

Is there a way to easily take 5 of them and import them into an image editing program and lay them out to fill the page up ready to printed? I know I could do it manually by hand but is there a more productive way?

I want the final page to look something like this with 4 or 5 panels:

Final Result:

Final Result

  • Too many programs. You can write (find ready to be used) a page in LaTex; add a line \input{MyFile} . Assuming cozy names (no spaces nor strange chars inside the name), with Linux (or WSL, but even in Phyton,DOS,cmd.exe,Powershell,find...), you can do a script to read all the file-names in a directory and to process them into a cycle. Write the command to include the current one and each 4 or 5 files you may process a newpage (or \end{figure} and \begin{figure}) redirecting the output to MyFile. Then compile the LaTex page to obtain a PDF. In TexMAker you just press a button. – Hastur Feb 23 at 11:23

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