I want to add DRM to a Live-Streaming URL. I have setup a Live Streaming with NGINX in a EC2 instance. So is it possible to add DRM to the Live Streaming ? If anyone have any suggestion please suggest.


You will find a detailed description in the article Building a live video streaming website - Part 3 - DRM. You may also find as interesting the other parts of this series.

I will not copy-paste here all the scripts contained in the article. I will only remark that:

  • You'll need to install the modules: ngx_devel_kit, set-misc-nginx-module, ngx_http_substitutions_filter_module
  • nginx-rtmp will encrypt MPEG-TS segments
  • The scripts will produce 10 second segments and encrypt every 6 segments with a new encryption key, so every 1 minute of video requires re-authorization to view
  • Only logged-in, authorized viewers will be able to watch the video streams.

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