My user "Documents" folder is currently on a UNC path to a NAS. Most of my applications that use the "Documents" folder as the place where they store data are fine with this, and will happily read/write to that folder. A couple of my applications are not able to use the folder.

I had thought that a way to work around this would be to create a symbolic link from a location on my C drive to that folder on the NAS, and then set my user "Documents" folder location to be the symbolic link, instead of the UNC path. However, when I select the symbolic link folder from the "Move..." menu, the UNC path is populated in the location box. If I just directly type the symbolic link folder into the location box, I get the error "Can't redirect into reparse point, please choose different target path.".

Is there any way to accomplish this, or will I have to have my Documents folder on a local drive, if I want these applications to function?

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