It will not automatically correct spelling. Instead it underlines bad words in red. How do I automatically correct spelling?


First confirm that AutoCorrect is set to operate while typing.

  • Format -> AutoCorrect -> While Typing should be checked.
  • Tools -> AutoCorrect Options..., Options tab, Use replacement table should be checked in both the [M] (replace while modifying existing text) and [T] (autoformat/autocorrect while typing) columns.

Only words in the AutoCorrect replacement table will be changed as one types.

There are two ways to add words to the replacement table.

  1. From the Tools menu, select AutoCorrect.... On the Replace tab, enter a misspelled word into the Replace text box, enter the correct spelling in the With box, then press the New button.
  2. When a word is underlined in red, right click on it, and select the correct spelling from the AutoCorrect submenu. This will automatically place the misspelling and correct spelling in the AutoCorrect replacement table.

This answer is based on OpenOffice 4.1.10 and may or may not apply as given in earlier versions.

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