I want Excel to look into the formula of a cell and then display a different cell based on that. confused yet?

Column A on sheet 1 has a size and column B on sheet 1 has a tolerance.

Could be same numbers in both column throughout. Now on sheet 2 I want to be able in column A to reference, lets say A4/1 with a simple =sheet1!A4 that I can manually put in and then I want column B on sheet 2 to display B4 from sheet 1.

Is there a formula I can put into sheet 2 cell B4 to make this happen? Does it make a difference if I reference A4/1 and I want B4/2 to display C4/1?

I'm looking to create a relationships between the 2 cells essentially. I hope it was clear enough to understand.


Not sure why would you ever need it, but this is my answer how I would access the contents of the formula and get another value based on that.

enter image description here

In Sheet2!A2 there is the formula =Sheet1!A4
In Sheet2!B2 there is the formula =OFFSET(INDIRECT(MID(FORMULATEXT(A2),2,999)),0,1)

Using that formula you access

FORMULATEXT returns the formula in text format (=Sheet1!A4).
MID part removes the = from the beginning (Sheet1!A4).
INDIRECT makes Sheet1!A4 a valid reference instead of just text.
OFFSET gets the value from 1 cell to the right (Sheet1!B4).

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