I just want to have tor proxy server up and running all the time on my windows 10 PC. Tor browser doesn't fit my needs. So I'd like to be able to connect anything I want via socks5 proxy.

It was so easy to set it up on mac. But on windows -- I'm stuck. I tried to google, but could not find a clear, plain way.


To install Tor as a Windows service, assuming it's installed in folder C:\Tor, you need to first create its torrc configuration file, for example:

echo( > C:\Tor\torrc

To test if the service with the settings file will start correctly:

C:\Tor\tor.exe -f "C:\Tor\torrc"

Now to install the Tor service:

C:\Tor\tor.exe --service install -options -f "C:\Tor\torrc"

To start and stop the service, use the following commands (or set it to automatically start in the Services applet):

C:\Tor\tor.exe --service start
C:\Tor\tor.exe --service stop

To remove the service:

C:\Tor\tor.exe --service stop
C:\Tor\tor.exe --service remove

By default, the Tor service listens on port 9050, which can be checked by the command:

netstat -aon | findstr ":9050"

But it's up to you to set each internet browser or application to use the Tor Socks5 proxy, found at localhost port 9050.

For more details, see the article How to install Tor and create Tor hidden service on Windows.

Here is a small test I did with the latest version. The folder layout of the Tor folder has changed, but the rest works the same:

enter image description here

  • C:\Tor\tor.exe -f "C:\Tor\torrc" returns an empty line. What does it mean? Well, tor.exe with a bullshit parameter returns an empty line too. Can you try it yourself first? Actually I've seen the page you linked. It seemed to me absolutely outdated
    – Fake Fish
    Mar 5 at 23:19
  • I have tried it without the -f and all seems to work fine. The configuration file in my answer is empty; to populate it see the above link and the Tor documentation.
    – harrymc
    Mar 6 at 9:10
  • It's really strange. Tor exe shows no output. But the proxy works. I tried both powershell and cmd. Why? :) ibb.co/BNTh0cN
    – Fake Fish
    Mar 10 at 11:35

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