Is there a keyboard shortcut to paste in the Windows command prompt (or at least powershell)?

I'm aware that you can right click, but it would be handy if it was possible without touching the mouse.

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    Remember Shift+Insert in QBasic? I was secretly hoping that would still work. Feb 15, 2012 at 18:31

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Finally in Windows 10:

enter image description here

Unfortunately Microsoft resists to add SHIFT+INSERT ((


Press Alt+Space followed by E and finally P

This will open the alt Menu > Edit > Paste

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    btw Alt+ <space> -> E -> K is Block Select Mode where you hold down the <shift> key as you move the <arrow> keys to select text. Hitting <enter> copies any selected text to the buffer
    – facepalmd
    Jul 31, 2009 at 16:25

Checkout this Stackoverflow article. They provide an AutoHotKey script. If you aren't familiar with AutoHotKey you should be. It is a free application that allows you to automate a ton of things on Windows. I use it for a number of tasks. You can even compile the scripts and then just run the executable. Great for distribution to less tech savvy folks or for running off a thumb drive for portability.

They also mention this:

ALT+SPACE+E+K <-- for copy

ALT+SPACE+E+P <-- for paste


Ctrl+Insert for copy Shift+Insert for paste

I am using Powershell in console2.


You can use PowerShell inside ConEmu, which lets you use ctrl-v.

Ctrl-v also works in the PowerShell ISE.


Closed on stackoverflow, but AutoHotKey works perfectly:

; Paste into CMD window using CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT
  WinGetClass, sClass, A
  If (sClass = "ConsoleWindowClass")
    send {alt down}{space}{alt up}ep

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