Tried to move my ISP router (ZXHN H298A V1.0) to a new location with cat6a cables (patch cords) and DELOCK 86166 keystone modules. The layout is like this router > cat6a > keystone > cat5e (T-568B) > pc After I added the extension my PC now has only ipv6 address (ifconfig result) and no internet access. If I link my pc directly to cat6 it's working just fine. As far as I know 6a has backwards compatibility with 5e.

  • The issue seems to be with the keystone, tried with 6a > keystone > 6a and I get the same result, initially thought the issue was about the wiring. – tmanolescu Mar 14 at 12:47
  • Get a single cable long enough so you don't need to use a keystone. Backwards compatibility does not change the fact these cables are different and using them in series is a sure recipe for connection issues. – music2myear Mar 26 at 3:40

it was the router, I was testing my connection on port 4 (was the only one free). after many calls to my isp, found I found out that port 4 is for poe... oh well you live and learn.

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