My CPU is Intel Core i5-9600k.

My heatsink is Hyper 212 LED.

My motherboard is Gigabyte B365M DS3H WiFi

My RAM is Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz (runs at 2666MHz in my conf with XMP)

The weather till about 6 pm evening, it is 32° Celsius.

My CPU temperatures were usually:

32°-45° Celsius at idle.
60°-70° Celsius at load.
70°-72° Celsius at full load?? Not so sure.

Now, I saw about 60°-75° Celsius when I opened up Windows on an SSD. Idle!

So, I turned off Windows by switching off the main switch for the pc;

Then I cleaned up:

I opened up the case, removed the heatsink. Thermal paste was not dried up though.

I cleaned the cpu and the heatsink's thermal paste using a alchohol based, hand sanitizer. Yes! Seriously. I did not have rubbing alchohol with me. The hand sanitizer was very liquid. So, just 4-5 wipes with a cloth to clean it up.

I removed the CPU from the socket, and then cleaned the extra thermal paste near the edges.

Then, I put it back in. Cleaned the heatsink dust. And then made sure that I was able to see through the heatsink gaps. And it all went good.

I put thermal paste on the CPU, and tightened the heatsink.

And then I turned on the PC:

Crazy things happen:

My PC turns on and turns off in 1-2 seconds, and repeated the same thing until the power is cut off.

I removed the Graphics card PSU cable because that was the last thing I connected.

It turned on. But did not show the usual 'Connect the PCIe cables' error.

I cut off the power supply. Then I put the cable back. And turned on, it worked as expected.

After testing temperatures, I turned off the PC, and closed the PC case.

I turned it back on, and it said:

Boot failure detected

Load optimized defaults then boot
Load optimized defaults then reboot
Enter BIOS
The system has experienced a boot failure
possibly due to incorrect configuration. Previous settings may not be compatible.
with the current hardware state.
...some more text...

What could be the cause of all this?

Now the temperatures are:

36°-50° Celsius at idle.
60°-72° Celsius at load.
75°-76° Celsius at full load?? Not so sure.

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