Being homeless, I rely on McDonalds for power/internet to use my laptop, and ive been coming here using it for months now. But yesterday all of a sudden I stopped being able to connect to the network completely, when I try and connect it just tells me "Cant connect to this network". I cant use the network troubleshooter cause I cant connect at all in the first place. I wasnt doing anything unusual when the problem started, no hardware/software/driver changes of any kind.

Ive tried googling the problem myself, but in everything I can find, people are able to connect to the network, but not the internet, whereas I cant connect to the network itself.

My phone can connect to the network, and my laptop can connect to other networks, so its specifically my laptop with this one network.

Ive tried swapping between IP4 and IP6; Ive tried changing my MAC address

I have no idea what else to try and Im really hoping someone can help cause Im currently burning through my very limited hotspot data trying to figure this out :(

EDIT: Tried a TCP/IP Reset /DNS Flush, didnt help any. Tried a network reset, didnt work. Theres no updates available for my drivers, already checked.

Final edit: So I honestly have no idea why cause nothing I tried worked, but it just randomly decided to start working again. Thanks for all the help even if it didnt actually help :)

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    I am not certain about this, but one thing I would try is a TCP/IP Reset /DNS Flush. This does not require internet to do and the two things might help. Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator (1) netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt (2) ipconfig /flushdns (3) restart the computer (be sure to restart)
    – John
    Mar 16 at 14:48
  • @john Just tried that, it didnt help any. Mar 16 at 15:01
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    I am will keep looking. I am not sure what you can do without extensive Internet.
    – John
    Mar 16 at 15:04
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    its possible they blocked your laptop
    – Keltari
    Mar 16 at 15:28
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    You sure have a lot of skills. You should try finding a job in this industry :) Mar 16 at 15:35