When I go to Youtube, I want to go to https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions instead of https://www.youtube.com. Even if I delete https://www.youtube.com from the suggestions, it still comes back after a while. Even though I select https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions every time, https://www.youtube.com still becomes the #1 suggestion.

Is it possible to permanently forbid Chrome from suggesting https://www.youtube.com? When I start typing youtube, I still want it to suggest https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions.

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The autosuggested URLs in the browser address bar are based on websites that you have visited. I believe the more regularly you visit the website the higher precedence it gets.

If you want to see https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions instead of https://www.youtube.com you would have to make sure that https://www.youtube.com is not existing in your browser history.

One way to do this is to clear your browser history and only visit https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions ; then https://www.youtube.com will not be suggested.

  • I go to the homepage once in a while, but I go to the subscriptions page more. It looks like Chrome always prioritizes homepages over other pages
    – Leo Jiang
    Mar 18, 2021 at 3:36

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