Does RTX 3080 for laptops already support CUDA and cuDNN for Deep learning requirements? I want to buy a new Razor Blade 15 with RTX 3080 and I don’t see currently any listing of this GPU on Nvidia link.

The goal is to install CUDA on Ubuntu 20.4 LTS


Does RTX 3080 for laptops already support CUDA and cuDNN for Deep learning requirements?

CUDA enabled GeForce products support CUDA compute level 8.6 which is support by CUDA Toolkit 11.2

GPU Compute Capability
GeForce RTX 3090 8.6
GeForce RTX 3080 8.6
GeForce RTX 3070 8.6


  • I would provide a link Deep Learning documentation but I can't view it so that would be sort of pointless.
    – Ramhound
    Mar 18 at 21:42
  • It's so doubtful to come to a direct answer, mainly because I still don't see any direct listing RTX 30_series for notebooks to support certain CUDA versions. Maybe because I am used to distingue them with the letter "M" for mobile. Thanks a lot for your answer it's crisp and clear! Mar 19 at 16:49
  • @SašoPavlič - Mobile 30 series GPUs are still considered to use the Ampere architecture. Since desktop and mobile products of the same series use the same architecture their capabilities are nearly identical. The one key difference between mobile and desktop products, is that mobile products, often have the capability to dynamically change the frequency
    – Ramhound
    Mar 19 at 17:25

The latest NVIDIA RTX line can do anything that the previous lines could do, and more, but needs at least CUDA Toolkit 11.1.


  • Thank you. I was wondering if, for example, previous lines can do something if the new one is just built on top of it. It's also interesting for me, that I don't see any specific mention which supports the question if the same goes for the laptop version GPUs. Mar 19 at 16:55

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