I'm writing a document in Arabic, a language that is written right to left. I have found the right-to-left direction button and enabled it throughout the document.

Now, I would like to use two columns. The text should flow in the right column first, and then the left column. However, currently, it is doing the opposite: the text is flowing in the left column first, and then the right column.

Likewise, I would like to have right-to-left tables, where the first column is the rightmost column, and the second colum is the second rightmost column, and so forth.

How do I enable right-to-left columns in LibreOffice Writer?

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  1. Click the "Format" menu, and then "Page style..."
  2. Click the "Page" tab within the dialog
  3. Select "Right-to-left (horizontal)" in the "Text direction" section.


This works for both columns, and tables.

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